Wellbeing | Tarot: Your Week Ahead

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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting Monday, December 5) 

Theme for the week: Seven of Wands


Seven of Wands, Rider Waite Smith Tarot

You may find yourself having to defend your thoughts, beliefs and opinions this week. The Seven of Wands is a fiery card that can foretell of disagreements, personal attacks and strong tempers. The advice from this card is quite sensible: know that everything can eventually be solved by brains and not brawn. Only someone with nothing to say shouts the loudest. Those who have the brightest ideas wait until the others have stopped shouting before they share their thoughts. This week it’s best to keep counsel with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into other people’s drama and set firm boundaries with overpowering people. You are likely to feel a little overwhelmed (and possibly angry) this week so make sure that you take some time out just for yourself. Engage in self-care and know that when it comes to dealing with difficult people, the truth communicated in a clear and calm way is always the best route. Hold your ground and don’t compromise yourself or your beliefs. They are just as valid as anyone else’s.

Keywords for the week ahead: Aggression, anger, difficult people, fights, disagreements, set firm boundaries, speak your truth, don’t back down.