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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting: Monday, February 20)

Nine of Swords – Rider Waite Smith Deck

Theme for the week: Nine of Swords

From looking at the image it’s pretty easy to tell that the Nine of Swords is not a nice card. Dubbed the “nightmare” card by readers, the Nine of Swords usually foretells of worries, anxiety, sleepless nights and feeling trapped or stuck in a situation. But not to worry, the appearance of the card acts to alert us to a potential future, not something that will be. The fact that it’s appearance is a sign for us to take extra good care of ourselves this week. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, make an appointment to speak to your GP or invest in some lavender oil for your pillow. If you’re worried, make this the week that you open up and speak to a loved one. If you feel trapped or stuck, it’s time to face this head-on and begin to think of what you need to do in order to get out of this rut. This week be kind and gentle to yourself and take small steps in the right direction. By doing this you’ll avoid the full brunt of this card’s energy.