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Tarot: Your Week Ahead (Week starting: Monday, March 13)

Theme for the week: Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles, Rider Waite Smith Deck

Following on from the ‘no-nonsense-just-get-it-done’ energy of the King of Swords last week, this week sees the arrival of the Three of Pentacles. Another card that is very much associated with getting this done, the Three of Pentacles highlights the areas that you’ve been procrastinating in this week. Is there a big dream you’ve put on the back burner recently? That novel isn’t going to write itself you know. This week it’s time to pull up your socks and invest yourself again. Sometimes when we have a big dream, it can feel scary or overwhelming when we consider all the work we have to do in order to achieve it. The Three reminds you to break down your big goals into smaller, easier and much more manageable steps. If your ultimate goal is to have a novel published, why not see if you can join a local writers group to get some much-needed support on your journey? Likewise if you’ve always wanted to start your own business, why not get in touch with the tax office and see what is required from you in order to set up properly? The message of this card is to stop holding off on those big dreams. Someday is today, so take action now. Once you start moving you’ll be surprised at how easily things start to flow.