Wellbeing | Tricks to getting better sleep

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A few sleepless nights can quickly start to affect your mood, ability to concentrate and work effectively. But there are some little tricks to getting better sleep.

There are many reasons why we endure sleepless nights. It is only when it really begins to impact our lives that we tend to address the issue.

Most people need a minimum of seven to eight hours sleep to function properly during the day.

Here are our favourite things you can do to help you get a calm and full night’s sleep.

One of the first things you should do is ensure your bedroom environment is conducive to sleep and that you get good sleeping habits. This means only using the bedroom for sleep, while it is recommended to keep the room dark and cool.

Uncomfortable bedding or bed frame will not help those that are prone to back pain. Make sure you have the right mattress and frame to suit your health needs. It is also worth checking that your pillows are supportive and comfortable enough to match your sleeping position. And if you are in pain, make sure to take something to ease that during the night.

Checking your phone, tablet or watching TV before you sleep will only stimulate your brain, and not calm it. For some, however, reading a book can be good way to nod off. It all depends on the best practice for you.

Keep regular sleep and wake times so your body functions as it should do. Having a pre-bed ritual may also help. A hot bath or sipping a warm cup of caffeine-free tea may help you. 

Heavy eating or drinking before bed increases your chances of indigestion or frequent trips to the bathroom. Do not eat two hours before you want to go to bed.

If you are having a bad night’s sleep, try to stay calm. Try not to focus on how this lack of sleep may impact your next day’s work. That will only stress you further, and you will never nod off.